When a Home is More than a Roof Over Your Head

G & K were excited about moving into their own apartment after six years of homelessness. But a home is more than a roof over your head and this couple had little else. We wanted to give them the FEELING OF HOME that they had not felt in a very long time.

They were accustomed to sleeping on the floor, but after multiple back surgeries K really needed a bed to sleep on. And since their bedroom opens to the living area, we wanted it to flow seamlessly. We were struggling to find bedding that would work when one of our volunteers walked in with JUST THE RIGHT COMFORTER! How extravagant is God’s love that he takes care of such details?! And it is not only a beautiful bed but comfy too. K said that after the Blessing Day, she laid down for a nap and didn’t wake up until five o’clock the next morning!

K shared that before they lost their home, she loved writing and crafting and would really like to do that again. Right away we knew that we wanted to give her a special place to let her creative juices flow. A spare bedroom became her craft room - made complete with a sign over her desk that appropriately reads “Home is where the crafts are”!

Also, G & K like to cook but their kitchen, though spacious, lacked counter space. So our wonderful Blessing Builders put some casters on a small table, turning it into a perfect kitchen island.

We love using our client’s personal things like photographs and keepsakes to help give them a sense of belonging. One of their few possessions was G’s treasured black and white photo of a guitar - the perfect piece to take center stage and inspire him to break out his guitar and play.

With grateful, happy hearts this couple recently shared how they are enjoying their new home and plan to be there a very long time. K texted, “Our favorite place is home."

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