G Loves Her Daughters

G loves her daughters - a lot. She’s no different than most loving mothers - she would do everything in her power to protect her girls. For G this meant leaving her hometown and all of her possessions and starting over in a new, safer environment. Additionally, G suffers from anxiety, so new people and places can be overwhelming to her. When we first met with G and her daughters, we were captivated. Their love for each other is evident and their cheerful attitudes and trust in the Lord ministered to US!

They had been sleeping on the floor for a month when we first heard about their plight. The first order of business was to bring them air mattresses, to provide them with a better night’s sleep while we got busy planning their Blessing Day.  

Next step - transforming their absolutely empty trailer into a HOME where they can thrive! From windows with towels tacked up for privacy to every window in every room with lovely curtains hung, from sleeping on the hard floor to brand new mattresses, pillows and beautiful bedding.

From empty kitchen cabinets to a kitchen set up nicely for meal preparations. From NOT A STICK of furniture to a table and chairs to gather and share meals, barstools to sit on while doing homework, bedrooms furnished with each occupant’s favorite colors and dreams in mind. The transformation of G’s home was nothing short of extraordinary! Older sister J likes makeup, so we were able to provide a small vanity/desk. Younger sister J loves to paint, so we brought in an easel for her room. We are smiling, thinking of the pretty artwork she has already created. (We are always so grateful for @lilystoybox. They provided makeup and art supplies - both girls were thrilled!).

From loading up laundry and driving to a laundromat to having their very own washer and dryer (thanks to a generous, anonymous donor!). With carefully chosen scripture art and verses placed around her home, in addition to some helpful books by Christian authors, we were able to remind G that our God is able. She can confidently cast her anxieties on him, because He cares for them (1 Peter 5:7).

So many squeals of delight and exclamations, grateful tears and hugs let us know that this sweet family will never be the same. In fact, G has reached out to us several times since her Blessing Day to let us know that she prays for us and how grateful she is for all we were able to provide for her family. We cannot do what we do without YOU, our wonderful donors and prayer partners. Your donations very quickly turn into beautiful blessings for some wonderful families - what a difference you make! #blessedtobeablessing

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