Barbara's Place

What a joy it was to furnish “Barbara’s Place,” the first transitional living home completed by Journey Home Houston, a non-profit aimed at bringing healing and restoration to young girls at risk who’ve aged out of the foster care system. Two young women now call Barbara’s Place their home, but as they move forward, many more will make it theirs.

While living at Barbara’s Place, girls attend college and are mentored by a young pastor and his wife who live in the adjoining apartment and share outdoor space with them. This close proximity allows for true life-on-life discipleship and opportunity for the girls to learn what it looks like to experience intimacy with God.

As He always does, God provided everything we needed to completely furnish this home as well as the extras that make it beautiful, cozy and personal. He even provided a new unopened box of pots and pans just as the moving truck was being loaded. His timing is always perfect!

Because God’s Word doesn't return void, a long hallway now features the framed letters
J-O-U-R-N-E-Y-H-O-M-E with encouraging verses behind them. We were delighted during the reveal when one of the girls walked down the hallway and enthusiastically read aloud each and every Bible verse.

There were many highlights to this Blessing Day Reveal, but the outdoor patio space was definitely one of the favorites. A 16’x 21’ covered slab of concrete, piled high with salvage, was transformed into chic and intimate gathering space. The anchor of the space is a huge farm table, ready to bring people together for meals, games, and life. Twinkle lights, causal conversation areas, games, and more, make this the perfect space for connection. Appropriately, large letters hung on the corrugated tin walls read, “H O M E”.

And that is exactly what Barbara’s Place feels like…HOME.

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