A Miracle From God

2020 was a year that brought unanticipated, unprecedented challenges to us all. Precious J dealt with the global pandemic and its isolation, financial, social and emotional impacts, all while battling not one, but 3 different cancers. It’s difficult to even imagine the impact that the collision of these unfortunate circumstances had on her life.

You should know that even when she lost the job she loved (and soon thereafter, her home) because of the physical toll of heavy doses of chemotherapy, J never lost her faith in God - she describes herself as “a miracle from God” and we certainly agree! After residing at Mission of Yahweh for 7 months, she was ready for a place of her own.

Among the few possessions she brought into her new, but empty apartment were 4 colorful paintings created for her by a friend and fellow cancer survivor. These pieces are very special to J, so we planned her Blessing Day around them, incorporating the vibrant colors represented into the selections we made from our storage (we love our donors, who make all of this possible!). We even hung them in the stairway, so that they are visible from the living room AND her bedroom!

One of our very own team members shared her own cancer journey with J and gifted her with an art piece that someone had shared with her. It’s a beautiful thing when we can encourage and bless. J was thrilled with the results and is so excited to host her children and grandchildren in her new home. It’s her heart’s desire to be strong and healthy enough to return to her job caring for senior citizens very soon. We are praying for J and hope that you will too.

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